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Katsu, 10 years on.

Katsucon 17 is coming up next weekend.

It will mark 10 years since my first anime convention, 10 years ago -- Katsucon 007, in Crystal City.

I shudder to think how much money I've spent at conventions since then -- too much, to be sure, and not something to contemplate too closely. But I've also gotten to meet a lot of great people (hi Rachel!), and have some incredible experiences (like this). Not to mention that Katsucon 2005 helped start Jessi & me down a path that eventually led us here, to marriage and all that shit.

Now, Katsucon is being extremely stupid this year, with new policies (banning ALL fanart, period, because it's illegal -- except for people who pay an extra $500 for a dealers' room table? whatisthisidonteven). Unless things change, it's looking like Jessi & I won't be in Artist's Alley next year. But still. I don't know, it's just....something to think about.

And now I'm irked because I can't find any of my goofy Ranma 1/2 cosplay pictures from so long ago. CURSE YOU GOOGLE THE SEARCH ENGINE!!!!


"Ore wa....yeah, no, I don't actually speak Japanese. I suppose I'm old enough to leave the spouting of random Japanese phrases to the young 'uns."
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