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So, for those who aren't in the area/aware of it, we just had an earthquake hit -- 5.8 or 5.9 on the Richter scale, in Mineral, VA, with the shocks being felt as far as Quebec.  We're all fine here, just to reassure.

It lasted maybe 10, 15 seconds; I noticed something shaking, and figured it was the heavy equipment that was being used nearby this morning.  But it started shaking much harder, at which point the boss screamed for everyone to run outside, now!!!!!  I walked out quickly.  Got in touch with Jessi, who was off today, and confirmed that she and Madison (our cat) were fine.

So now I've experienced a relatively powerful earthquake.  Something to check off the life experiences list, I suppose.


"Of course I'm fine -- I took Geoscience back in the day!!"
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